Vision & Mission

Philosophy: Especially in times of discontinuity, the radical change in values and the restructuring of the labour market, such as we know it today, the significance of optimal human resources is growing as a stabilizing factor for enterprises. HILL’s approach of humanistic business psychology is particularly effective under these hectic and highly dynamic conditions. We support persons and organisations to realize, develop and utilize their full potential, thus generating value added for all those involved. We do this by respecting and appreciating all individuals and employing sound and objective methods.

Vision: As a partner in all human resources matters, we seek to create the awareness that any enterprise primarily exists and grows due to the persons in it.

Mission: We stabilize and optimize the development of organisations by using humanistic business psychology. Even in stormy times and environments, this produces a great deal of assurance and speed in the organizations we advise.

Values: HILL stands for the appreciative treatment of others and humanistic management. We show appreciation for everyone: customers, applicants and partners. In addition, we stand for high-quality and innovative services.