Objective selection- the look behind the surface 

Not every apparently suitable person meets the real requirements. At HILL International, we trust in a multi-stage process. Structured Interviews with our experts and the comprehensive HILL Competence Analysis© form a sound basis for decision-making.  

If you want to get to know applicants in social interaction, we additionally offer the modules "Round Table Assessment Center", "Assessment Center" and "Hearing".  

You will benefit from substantiated assessments – after all, personnel decisions have long-term effects.

Preselection: Interviews

  • Structured and semi-structured 
  • Empathic & appreciative 
  • Stress-free 

The Analysis: HILL Competence Analysis©  

  • Personality 
  • Skills 
  • Occupational Interests 
  • Sales Style 
  • Performance & Concentration 
  • Management Style 

The final selection: Assessment  

  • Traditional Assessment Center 
  • Round Table Assessment Center 
  • Hearing