How a shut down can be successful

Outplacement with HILL

The client, a worldwide producer of fibre optic-, power-, microcontrollers and consumer products had a production plant in Czech Republic. The Headquarters decided to move the production out of Czech Republic due to continued change on the world market and strengthen production in Asia. This decision included to close the whole production plant and to manage the shut down process with all aspects.

HILL International was asked to prepare and to manage the dismissal process of all employees (from top management to operator positions). The whole process was planned for six months. Within the Outplacement program the production was running with continuous decreasing of the volume.

HILL International, in close cooperation with local management of the client and with legal offices in the region, prepared the dismissal plan for 400 employees. The plan was divided in six monthly waves with different number of dismissed employees. Program for all participants was divided according to type of position in the organization. The main group of dismissed employees’ (approx.  80%) were operators and shift leaders. This group had a program divided into four phases with in depth information on the labor market and group workshops focused on the process »how to find a new job«. 
One of the most important points in the whole process was direct presence of HILL International consultants at the dismissal interview. All employees had an immediate access to professional support and help. 
Within the dismissal process HILL International lead direct negotiation with local production plants in the region and local labor offices to plan potential hiring of dismissed employees. The local labor office supported HILL International with potential retraining courses. 
Local investors and production plants participated in »Career Days« for all employees where they had the change to meet potential employees.
During six months HILL International managed to negotiate hiring with local companies and in the same time the new investor, who took over the plant decided to use skilled and trained new employees.

HILL International successfully managed the Outplacement program within six months and fulfilled all key performance indicators of the project. The process was also rated highly satisfying by the dismissed employees.
Further, the local production plants appreciated the direct access to dismissed employees and the possibility to introduce themselves at the Career Days.