HILL Milestones 

Othmar and Christine Hill found the ‘Psychological Test Institute’ in Vienna. Their focus is on personnel recruiting and selection as well as on developing a psychological method of diagnosis for identifying the potential of (prospective) employees.   

A separate research and development department is set up for the HILL Competence Analysis©. In 1981, building up the HILL franchise network begins in Austria and in 1986 the ‘Psychological Test Institute’ is renamed HILL. In 1989, shortly after the opening of the former Eastern bloc, as a pioneer HILL opens offices in major countries such as Russia and Hungary.   

The HILL Competence Analysis is employed on the computer for the first time in 1990.  Further offices are opened in CEE and SEE, and the first office in Asia (Kazakhstan) in 1997. HuMan - The Institute for Humanistic Management – is founded the same year. In 1998, HILL Communications (today: HILL Management) specializes in the field of personnel and organisational development. Hence, HILL becomes a ‘full-service’ consultant in the area of human resources and strategic management consulting.   

The HILL Competence Analysis is first used by enterprises flexibly via internet and CD-ROM as HILL_BEST FIT.
HILL continues on its course of expansion.   

The HILL network is represented by HILL International and HILL Management offices in the following countries:  
Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Germany, France, FYROM, Greece, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Belarus and Cyprus.   

About 200 consultants, including 120 business psychologists, look after corporate customers and private individuals. The HILL Competence Analysis© is available in 25 languages with country-specific standards.