HR Due Diligence

Financial and legal due diligences are considered the fundamental prerequisites for assessing an enterprise. But about 60% of all mergers also collapse because the human resources were incorrectly assessed during preliminary deliberations and integration!

The significance of the HR factor is growing for buyers and sellers
Protect yourself and become aware of the human resources and expertise existing in the enterprise.
Evaluate the management, avoid the loss of key players and minimize the costs of integration through professional preparation.

Personnel as a strategic success factor by means of HR due diligence

Design the process strategically
  • Analyse company mission statement, goals and strategies
  • Define the goals of the audits
  • Determine target groups
  • Create competence models as evaluation benchmark
Create transparency
  • Inform all participating managers about goals and course of action
  • Make company strategy transparent
  • Possibly involve through kick-off event
Analyse management potentials
Develop solutions
  • Evaluate management teams, single persons & departments
  • Conduct individual feedback meetings
  • Derive positioning recommendations for the integration
  • Elaborate development and retention plans