Development of a High Potential Pool

Recognizing and supporting the best young talents with HILL_BEST FIT

The global technology and infrastructure corporation has an in-house young talent support program with the goal to identify in-house potential careers from the different company areas. The selection of the high potentials is done in form of one-day assessment centers. The company has founded requirement specifications and exact minimum criteria for the future performers. There is also a schedule including an evaluation scheme for the assessments. The company would like to introduce an additional objective procedure within the existing assessment center.

Along with the delivery of the software, HILL was responsible for the introduction of the company to the administration, use and evaluation of HILL_BEST FIT. It was especially relevant that the competencies measured by HILL_BEST FIT were put into relation to the company's own requirement specifications. Beyond that, the system was supposed to be integrated into the existing evaluation scheme of the assessment center.

After the comparison to the company's internal requirements specifications with HILL_BEST FIT, the relevant modules were selected and installed in the company by CD-Rom. Then all assessors were given an extensive training. A special challenge here was the very diverse level of experience in the HR team. HILL gave telephone support for the installation and also for the interpretation of the results. In addition, personal supervision was offered.

The satisfaction with the system is high. The challenge to integrate HILL_BEST FIT into the existing assessment center and its evaluation scheme succeeded to the utmost satisfaction of the company. The result is uncomplicated usage, more efficient working and higher accuracy for the selection of high potentials.