Decision backup in personnel selection

Drawing top performers into the company with HILL_BEST FIT

The usage of a competence analysis system was planned in the long run within a well-known internationally active bank for the reduction of fluctuation and backup of decisions in the personnel selection process. The collected results were aimed to quickly identify potentials of applicants and therefore generate an additional decision ground based on objective, comparable data. The bank executes the entire selection process on its own.

Two aspects were prevalent for the introduction of HILL_BEST FIT into the company: the easy and professional administration of the system by the responsible persons in the bank and understanding of the backgrounds, as well as the correct interpretation of the results.

The relevant HILL_BEST FIT modules were selected after extensive preliminary talks. The company chose the installation in the company by CD-Rom. A two-day training consisting of one theoretical and one practical day guaranteed the smooth introduction of the system into the existing processes. The training contained the scientific background of HILL_BEST FIT as well as the practical realization of the administration, execution and interpretation. As wished by the customer, a large part of the training also showed the comparison of the HILL_BEST FIT modules to the company-own competence and requirement model.

Five months after commencement of the project the satisfaction of the bank with HILL_BEST FIT is excellent. The trained experts find the use of the modules to be very helpful for their decision making process, and their interest in HILL_BEST FIT has increased further. It is already in negotiation whether to include further modules in personnel selection.